Bison Interests' Chief Investment Officer, Josh Young, featured on the #hottakeoftheday podcast, speaking about the market, #investments, what’s next for #oil, and why an investment thesis works... until it doesn’t.

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Interviewed and quoted by Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, Fox News, Business Insider, Hart Energy, Seeking Alpha, Haaretz, Al Jazeera, and more.

May 22, 2020: (BLOOMBERG) Tiny Shale Stocks Lose Love as Energy Analysts Ditch Coverage

May 13, 2020: (AL JAZEERA NEWS)  Bison Interests' CIO was interviewed live and  answered some questions about oil prices and oil production, while also giving his thoughts on OPEC's current outlook as the economy begins to reopen 

May 11, 2020: (WSJ) Wanted: Somewhere, Anywhere, to Store Lots of Cheap Oil

May 5, 2020: #hottakeoftheday Podcast

  • Bison Interests' Chief Investment Officer speaking about the market, investments, what’s next for oil, and why an investment thesis works... until it doesn’t. 

April 8, 2020: (REUTERS) Oil sinks as market doubts OPEC supply cuts will be enough

April 5, 2020: (AL JAZEERA NEWS) Bison Interests' CIO interviewed prior to the announced OPEC plus cuts, giving his thoughts

April 5, 2020: (AL JAZEERA NEWS) Bison Interests' CIO interviewed about what will happen in the next few days with the Saudi/ Russian Oil Price War

April 2, 2020: (REUTERS) Oil surges more than 13% on hopes of output deal

March 3, 2020: (REUTERS) Coronavirus puts shaky condition of debt-laden shale firms in spotlight

January 3, 2020: (REUTERS) U.S. shale producer shares spike with oil prices but rise seen as fleeting

September 16, 2019: John Daugherty Realtors sits down with Bison Interests for their Market Data Monday segment.

  • Bison's CIO, Josh Young, covers the following:
    • Advice on how to filter data on tracking the oil industry 
    • How Houstonians should take the news from the oil attack on Saudi and react to news down the line as it pertains to the economy 
    • How the energy market plays into Houston real estate

September 15, 2019: (AL JAZEERA NEWS): How will Saudi Arabia Respond to Attacks on its Oil Plants?

  • Q&As with Bison Interests' CIO, Josh Young, can be found at 5:39, 10:42, 15:57, and 21:39

September 14, 2019: (REUTERS) Instant View: Reactions to attack on Saudi oil facilities

September 12, 2019: (REUTERS) Low-cost fracking offers boon to oil producers, headaches for suppliers

May 14, 2019: (SEEKING ALPHA) Interview with Bison CIO on who the next O&G takeover target might be

April 25, 2019: (BUSINESS INSIDER): Inside the hedge fund money-raising environment

April 22, 2019: (SUMZERO) Bison Interests Lands Another Large Investment via Cap Intro

April 18, 2019: (BLOOMBERG): Canada Stocks Reach Record as Energy, Tech Add to Pot Rally

April 15, 2019: (BLOOMBERG): Houston Energy Fund Looks North of 49th Parallel for Fat Return 

September 10, 2018: (PRESS RELEASE): Iron Bridge Resources Announces Agreement with Velvet Energy 

  • Bison's CIO Josh Young was Chairman of the Board at Iron Bridge and helped faciliatate the deal)

February 13, 2018: (FOX NEWS): Oil Rising

October 12, 2017: (HART ENERGY):  Is Energy Poised To Win Back Investors?

August 2, 2016: (BLOOMBERG): Hedge Fund Brief (pg. 4 of 15)

February 16, 2016: (BLOOMBERG): Bison Raises $20 millon from university endowment