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March 3, 2020: (REUTERS) Coronavirus puts shaky condition of debt-laden shale firms in spotlight

January 3, 2020: (REUTERS) U.S. shale producer shares spike with oil prices but rise seen as fleeting

September 16, 2019: John Daugherty Realtors sits down with Bison Interests for their Market Data Monday segment.

  • Bison's CIO, Josh Young, covers the following:
    • Advice on how to filter data on tracking the oil industry 
    • How Houstonians should take the news from the oil attack on Saudi and react to news down the line as it pertains to the economy 
    • How the energy market plays into Houston real estate

September 15, 2019: (AL JAZEERA NEWS): How will Saudi Arabia Respond to Attacks on its Oil Plants?

  • Q&As with Bison Interests' CIO, Josh Young, can be found at 5:39, 10:42, 15:57, and 21:39

September 14, 2019: (REUTERS) Instant View: Reactions to attack on Saudi oil facilities

September 12, 2019: (REUTERS) Low-cost fracking offers boon to oil producers, headaches for suppliers

May 14, 2019: (SEEKING ALPHA) Interview with Bison CIO on who the next O&G takeover target might be

April 25, 2019: (BUSINESS INSIDER): Inside the hedge fund money-raising environment

April 22, 2019: (SUMZERO) Bison Interests Lands Another Large Investment via Cap Intro

April 18, 2019: (BLOOMBERG): Canada Stocks Reach Record as Energy, Tech Add to Pot Rally

April 15, 2019: (BLOOMBERG): Houston Energy Fund Looks North of 49th Parallel for Fat Return 

September 10, 2018: (PRESS RELEASE): Iron Bridge Resources Announces Agreement with Velvet Energy 

  • Bison's CIO Josh Young was Chairman of the Board at Iron Bridge and helped faciliatate the deal)

February 13, 2018: (FOX NEWS): Oil Rising

October 12, 2017: (HART ENERGY):  Is Energy Poised To Win Back Investors?

August 2, 2016: (BLOOMBERG): Hedge Fund Brief (pg. 4 of 15)

February 16, 2016: (BLOOMBERG): Bison Raises $20 millon from university endowment