About Bison Interests

The Story of The Bison


Before a storm comes in, winds tend to pick up. Skies turn from clear and blue to dull and gray, as dark clouds begin to roll in. Thunder is heard from the distance, and lightening starts illuminating the sky. Animal intuitions collectively kick in, and herds of animals naturally begin to run from the storm. Not the bison.

When animals run from the storm, they rarely outrun it. Storms tend to travel more rapidly than the animals, so it catches up quickly and the animals are likely to be stuck in the bad weather even longer because they’re now running along with the intensity, still endeavoring to outrun it to serenity.

The bison’s unique reaction during a storm contrasts the instincts of the other animals. Instead of running away, the bison charges towards the storm. They recognize that by plowing through it, they get out of it faster, and minimize the amount of risk, time, and frustration other animals experience from trying to run away from the inevitable.

Bison Interests' Strategy


Like the bison in the story, Bison Interests faces into the storm. We focus on dislocations in the energy market and identify areas where a there is a disconnect between the share price of a company and its intrinsic value. 

We focus on value and pricing. With the value measured, the price then must be proven to be low enough to create a substantial margin of safety, over a variety of market conditions.

With this strategy at the forefront of our investments, we own parts of companies that are universally considered to own valuable assets, financially healthy, and managed by teams with proven track records. And we typically own them at discounts to their peers and to their likely liquidation value.

Importance to the Investor


Many of the producers we’re investing in today are buying back shares, paying down debt, paying out dividends, cutting operating costs and are growing, funded by free cash flow.

Our team is made up of leading experts in the oil and gas field, who employ a disciplined approach in finding and owning companies that meet our stringent criteria.   

In Any Business, It's The People That Matter Most




Managing Partner & Founder 

  Josh is a Co-Founder of Bison Interests and serves as Chief Investment Officer. As the CIO, he leads Bison’s research and investment process. He is focused on idea generation, investment strategy, portfolio construction and is responsible for building Bison’s outside advisers- geological and engineering consultants, banking consultants, and oil & gas industry consultants. Josh has 18 years of experience investing in publicly traded oil & gas stocks. Having sold a a publicly traded E&P company that he was Chairman of for almost $200 million, Josh has a unique perspective on the industry, ultimately benefiting Bison investors. Prior to Bison, Josh was Portfolio Manager of Young Capital Management, on the board of Lucas Energy (LEI) – a small cap publicly traded oil producer, and on the energy investment team at a multi-billion dollar, single family office, which was nominated as Institutional Investor’s Single Family Office of the Year. He has been profiled on the front page of Blomberg.com, interviewed on Fox News, often published in notable oil & gas investment publications, including Oil & Gas Investor Magazine and Barron’s, and regularly speaks at industry events. Josh graduated with honors from the University of Chicago where he earned his Bachelor’s in economics.




Managing Partner & Founder 

Carter is a Co-Founder of Bison Interests and serves as Chief Executive Officer. As the CEO, Carter is responsible for overseeing client relationships, working with prospective clients, and managing Bison. Carter has almost 20 years of experience working with clients, building a business, and leading a team. Prior to Bison, he was in Private Wealth at UBS, a VP at Genesis Park, and Corps Member at Teach For America, where he worked as a teacher in Compton, California.  Carter earned an MBA from the Acton School of Business in Austin, Texas and graduated from Southern Methodist University on a leadership scholarship.